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Felony Charges Could Mean Serious Penalties

Have you been accused of a felony crime in San Antonio? In felony cases, it is crucial that you get legal representation immediately, preferably before you even speak with the officers investigating the case. You have constitutional rights that only you can waive. Tell anyone wanting to speak with you that you would like the opportunity to contact your attorney before you say anything to anyone. If you are charged with a felony, you could potentially spend years in prison and/or years on community supervision (probation). The Texas criminal justice system has very severe penalties for felony crimes, and fast action must be taken to fight for you.

If you are facing any form of drug possession charges or have been accused of assault, it can be extremely serious to deal with these kinds of cases all by yourself. Judges are not kind to those who have committed felonies and will expect you to understand all of the Texas laws related to your case. Without the skilled representation of a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer, there is not a likely chance that you will walk away with the result you wanted. You will require the help of someone who has been there and can prepare you.

Offenses Against Other Persons

When a person threatens another individual in any way, shape or form, this is considered a crime against persons. Sometimes misdemeanors like DWI/DUI cases can turn into a felony when innocent people are injured or even killed. Driving while intoxicated, especially if it is your third or greater offense, can be dealt with very seriously by the court system. Certain drug-related crimes may also be charged as a felony if there are large amounts of controlled substances discovered, or if you have been accused of drug trafficking.

The judge and jury in any trial case where there is violence inducing serious consequences will treat the offender without much lenience. Issues of family violence can also be considered a felony charge, whether it involves the use of weapons or it is an accusation of sexual assault or rape. Murder is another charge that falls under the general head of felony crimes. Causing the death of another does not have to premeditate to be considered a felony. Involuntary and voluntary manslaughter can receive conviction as a felony depending on the case circumstances. Kidnapping is also associated with extreme consequences as it deals with typically violent force against another person.

Crimes Against Property

Offenses that deal with another person's property may seem less severe since they are dealing with material possessions instead of people. This is not entirely the case, especially if a robbery harms anyone in the process, which can be considered a crime against a person. There are various types of burglary that have varying consequences. Invading a building or someone's home can have one set of penalties, while forgery of financial documents can mean entirely different consequences. Arson and vandalism are both crimes against property that can have varying consequences, depending on the type of building, if there people inside and how severe the damage was after their work. Every case is situation specific and you need someone who understands the legal system.

Felony Criminal Process

The very first step in a felony case is your initial arrest. Prior to your arrest, there is a possibility that police officers can conduct a search of your persons or property. This is only true if they have probable cause that you may have committed a certain offense. They must have a search warrant signed off on by a judge; however, there are few circumstances where they do not have to have a warrant. Under the U.S. Constitution, you have the right to remain silent until you obtain a criminal defense lawyer. This is a right that you should most definitely exercise. By saying too much or even anything at all, you could easily incriminate yourself without even trying. Ultimately your future freedom could be on the line if you say anything suspicious or give away too much information. Always wait to give any form of statement until you have a reliable An Antonio criminal attorney at your side who can speak on your behalf.

After your arrest, you will be taken before a Magistrate Judge. Here you will be made aware of your charge, your constitutional rights, and the amout of bail bond you will have to post to be released, if you are not remanded without bond. Typically thismagistration process happens within a few hours of your arrest. Always contact an aggressive lawyer first. The following are the pleas that can be entered at a later date:

  1. Guilty plea: This essentially means that you admit to all of the charges held against you.
  2. Not guilty plea: You are saying that you did not commit the crimes that you are being charged with and upon entering this plea you will set a trial date.
  3. No contest plea: You are neither admitting to the crimes nor are you saying you did not commit the offense. This is good for cases that may be connected to a civil trial.

Under Texas State laws, the trial should begin within 180 days of the initial arrest, but could take longer. Before the trial begins, you will be able to communicate with the prosecution to conduct a plea bargain if you so desire. There may be an option to plea for lesser charges, which can ultimately allow for penalties that are not as harsh. In the event that a plea bargain cannot be attained through negotiations, then the trial will begin. It is at this point that you need the best possible San Antonio criminal defense lawyer that you can obtain. Your future is on the line and you could be facing hefty fines, imprisonment and other life-altering consequences if you are convicted by the prosecution. Be aware of the penalties that are associated with your particular offense and do not delay in retaining our firm's legal assistance.

Fighting Your San Antonio Felony Accusations

In order to be successful in fighting your felony charges, you must take action immediately after you learn about your charges. I am ready and prepared to start building your defense case, and I am committed to providing the ultimate legal service to each and every client. You can't afford to suffer the life-altering consequences of a felony conviction, and I am here to help you fight for reduced or dismissed charges. For example, if you are convicted of a first-degree felony, you could face 5-99 years in prison and fines up to $10,000 as well. I am confident that I can provide the high-quality criminal defense you need, so call today.

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